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Thread: LiPo "fireproof" bags: a test

  1. Re: LiPo "fireproof" bags: a test

    I've flown with lipo and li-ion batteries many times, all explicitly below the 100Whr limit. If they are soft packs, I put them in a fireproof bag, inside a cardboard box for rigidity, and some padding inside the box around the fireproof bag to keep them from bouncing. And yes, always as carry on. I've never had a screener even comment on them, but they will if you pack a motor and a bag of random wires!

    I guess a few dozen successful flights doesn't really put that good of a bound on how well that technique works, but at least I feel comfortable with it.

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    Re: LiPo "fireproof" bags: a test

    Overkill is my middle name!

    Click image for larger version. 

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