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Thread: hobby pwm micro servo on Arbotix pro

  1. hobby pwm micro servo on Arbotix pro

    got my hr-os1 now assembled ....everythink works fine and now wonder if there is any basic documentation about the Arbotix Pro available....?
    I am interested if it is possible to wire a standard 4.8-6V micro pwm servo to it (actually two like FS90), since I want to built hands/claws for my robot. If not there any ttl micro servo with similar size like the FS90 on the market?

    THX for the answers in advance!

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    Re: hobby pwm micro servo on Arbotix pro

    Arbotix-Pro documentation should be out by the end of the month. There is no PWM servo support in the current firmware and the power going to the IOs is 3.3v.

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    Re: hobby pwm micro servo on Arbotix pro

    Woot! Grats. and the Fun begins.

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