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Thread: IP Camera app

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    IP Camera app

    Found an app for android that works really well:

    I tested it with my android, and at 720p resolution and 65% stream quality, I was only pulling ~ 5 Mbps through my network connection.

    Latency was low (nearly non-noticeable) at this setting. Autofocus also works nearly instantly.

    This could possibly be a cheap option for many as there are a lot of Android smartphones out there for cheap (used) with good cameras.

    Also a possible workaround for the networking issues??

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    Re: IP Camera app

    Quote Originally Posted by ArduTank View Post
    Also a possible workaround for the networking issues??
    If you have a decent data plan on a carrier that doesn't suck...

    Should probably get an upgrade/replacement for my current phone one of these days. I've forgotten when I actually acquired my trusty Nokia clamshell, but calendar entries say no later than Dec 2007 although I think I lost a few weeks/months to auto-delete.
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