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Thread: CM-510 (Bioloid Premium) serial connection to BeagleBone Black (BBB)

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    CM-510 (Bioloid Premium) serial connection to BeagleBone Black (BBB)

    Hello. I need help in how to understand and making work a serial connection between a BBB and a CM-510.

    Any idea? Has anybody had to face this very issue?

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    Re: CM-510 (Bioloid Premium) serial connection to BeagleBone Black (BBB)

    Easiest way would probably be to get a Robotis LN-101 dongle to connect the 4-pin zigbee port of the CM-510 to a USB port on the BBBk. If the BBBk uses 5V/3.3V-safe logic, then you may be able to connect the zigbee port directly to one of the UARTs of the BBBk. The 4-pin zigbee port should be using JST PH series connectors and the pin numbering/naming should be somewhere on the Robotis support site for the CM-510 and/or the ZIG-110. You would then use the RoboPlus Task Remocon() functions to send signed 16-bit values between the CM-510 and BBBk.

    If you feel comfortable with C/C++, then you may be able to use the Robotis provided libraries for controlling the CM-510 via programs compiled with avr-gcc. I used part of the Robotis libraries to make some 'easy functions' for the CM-510/700 and CM-530 a while back, but have not touched them in quite a while.
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