Hello everyone!
This is reaaly my first experience of building robot, so I am even not sure if I picked the right thread(sorry if not ). I know that there are tutorials on building your first robot, but my question now is not about building itself but about picking right components. I'm posting this because I checked several online shops and realized that I am absolutely lost among those amounts of different stuff.
I've attach a (very) rough scheme of what I need.
This machine is planned to be used in the following way: we put a sample on the bottom part of component A, then we use component C to move down the sample to liquid(marked B on the scheme), and then move up again. So, in principle it really reminds drilling devices like this one: http://www.purrosregulator.com/image...gMachine02.jpg
But I need to construct something perfectly feeting for my project.
Crucial moments:
-component A should be possible to align ideally in horizontal plane(that is perpendicular to Z axis); Since the working tables can have different angles, it would be nice to make this part with programable angles.
-distance l is supposed to change from 0 to at least 8 cm, so component C must provide this distance difference.
-Also it would be nice if component C could provide different speed - I plan to move the sample down with lower speed then move it up. If accurate numbers needed, I would say - 0,2-0,5mm/sec down and 1cm/sec up speed.
-Would be nice not to connect this device to computer, but to make and program its own keyboard(let's say, 4 buttons to control position of component A and 4 buttons to control movement - low and high speed for both moving up and down)

I think, other things can come up, but right now this is more or less everything I have in my mind
So, I need names of components(maybe with links) which I can use to build something like this - including balks.
Total size is not very crucial parameter - important is l distance only. But, of course, it should not be too big to place it on the table
I will be glad to answer any questions on my project or to get any advices