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Thread: mAh or C. Which is more important?

  1. Re: mAh or C. Which is more important?

    Thank you. Hobby King only allows two payment methods: PayDollar (No Paypal) + 2.93% and Paypal Pay by VISA. I heard lots of horrible things about Paypal when troubles come. Never heard of PayDollar. Could be even worse. Which payment method is better?

    For charger, how is the G6P compared with the IMAX B6AC V2 for charging batteries of over 4000mAh? The former does has more Watt.

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    Re: mAh or C. Which is more important?

    My experience with PayPal has only been good so far. I had a package sent from a supplier in China that went missing and PayPal refunded no problem.

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    Re: mAh or C. Which is more important?

    PayPal is fine-ish these days, especially for buyers. Certainly better than no-name foreign payment methods...

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    Thanks for all.

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