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Thread: ArbotixRobocontroller vs Arbotix Comander programming importance...

  1. ArbotixRobocontroller vs Arbotix Comander programming importance...

    Hello everyone,

    I have just bought PhantomX Hexapod and I have started to work with him. Its very interesting and I really like it. Until now i have managed to make it work only with firmwares from Trossen but i would like also to start writing some codes on my own to make things more interesting But I would like to know what is the difference between Arbotix-M and Geekduino microcontroller when we talk about programming (I mean if i would like to create a new way of walking, which one of them should i program?). Can someone give me some more information?
    I would like to make some more projects with this toy but I do not have enough information :\
    Also if I would like to put a camera on hexapod, i suppose i can use Arbotix-M's ports to collect information from camera?

    Thank you and looking forward for some help

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    Re: ArbotixRobocontroller vs Arbotix Comander programming importance...

    Congratulations on your purchase, I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun and learn a lot along the way.

    There is a wealth of information available in this forum and on the Trossen site with more than enough great material on things you can do, including the following thread I started some time ago

    So, I'd suggest first working through the numerous great articles and information contained on this site to understand what's possible and where to start depending on the path you wish to take.

    A first good project though is to install the Phoenix Code on your Hexapod to start to get a glimpse of what's possible. Take a look here:

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