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This looks nice and clean. Have you tired these little speakers yet? I played with one last night and it had a pretty decent volume when you put your hand or an object behind it. I was thinking I could get away with using two to give a little extra volume. So far I've only tested with this 5V amplifier found on amazon but I'm definitely satisfied for $6. We might start a new thread for robot audio when you start testing your TTS module?

Still doing a little dance for this! I can't wait to give it a try.

The simplified camera model is a good idea to get a good fit.. One thing that helped me was to also draw the field of view coming from the center of the lens. Keep in mind I've only measured mine but I observed a 45 degree horizontal angle and a 32 degree vertical angle from the supplied camera. Also I noticed my camera looks a little to the right as the components were not in perfect alignment from manufacturing.
Yes, I tried the speakers out last night. At the full volume of the TTS module, one speaker in the open was fairly decent. Two was much better. I have provision in the head to mount up to four. We'll see. A LOT depends on which voice is selected for the output.

Your angles on the camera are what I think I found somewhere last week. I hate to say I didn't think to do the field of view trick. Just went with what I got from the first head I'm not using, plus I made the eye holes 2mm larger in diameter. I will probably go back and add it into the working files.

I am 45 minutes into a trial print of the new head design and still on the second layer...and it is a print I'm fairly certain will fail near the end. I'm using my Printrbot Simple Metal that I just upgraded to a heated bed. I was working on getting the Z stop dialed in, got in a rush, and forgot to switch to a profile with support, so I think the top of the head is going to cave in. I am letting it go as it is an old spool of gray filament, and it will a least give me a base plate that I can use to verify clearances, hole positions, and hole sizes before I use my new white filament.