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Thread: 3D printable models for the HR-OS1

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    Re: 3D printable models for the HR-OS1

    I got tired of waiting for my new filament shipment (which actually came about an hour ago) and went ahead and finished printing a V8 Jimmy head in orange yesterday. From the pictures you can see that it contains 1 camera, 4 Radio Shack speakers, and an Odroid-XU4. I plan on adding another camera and an Emic2 text to speech board in there.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Resized2015-12-16 12.48.45.jpg 
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    Simply because I always like to try other options, there is a good chance that I will do like Kurt and move the Odroid into the chest, replacing the RPi. Later though...I really need to get back into playing with the software and programming side of things. I just realized I haven't had anything but the head powered up for almost 6 weeks.

    The color really doesn't matter. My son does miniature painting as a sideline business at the gaming store where he works. I bought him a new airbrush system for Christmas so I'm gonna turn him loose on all the printed parts and see what I get back. I really need to do some more work on the Elvis head so I can get him to paint that too.

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    Re: 3D printable models for the HR-OS1

    Good looking head!

    On the Odroid front, I made some more progress yesterday on mounting mine in the chest. I printed up a new one where I moved the Odroid farther in (pretty close to centered). I then decided to go ahead and mount it upside down. I did not have any 3mm screws that were long enough so I used some ones I had from earlier for Lynxmotion robots. Also found my wide part of the strap was off when hanging upside down, so I made another version where it would fit for this orientation. I then used the original one on the other side as the set of standoffs. I can post all of the stl files if anyone would like them.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	HROS1-F2-print-Back.jpg 
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    Next up need to work on wiring. The 90 degree usb adapter to connect to Odroid pro may not work here. May use normal USB cable.
    But that maybe more of a topic for another thread. Also since the XU4 only has 3 USB connections, may need to find a place to mount a USB hub (maybe head?).

    Actually next up for me is more side projects, like I received my FSR boards back, so need to assemble them and install in feet, likewise need to finish/install new hands... But again probably different topics

    Update: Included zip files with the printed parts for XU4...
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Re: 3D printable models for the HR-OS1

    Quick update: Right now I am in the process of trying to get my HROS1 (first beta) back into one piece with some new parts including FSR feet, ODroid XU4 and printed hands and now a Chappie head.

    Yesterday I tried putting on the Chappie head, but the head does not want to go over the neck brackets and I do not want to try to force the opening at the bottom to be wide enough to go over the brackets. Looking at the instructions
    Likewise I believe these parts look the same as in the 3d model as it is currently up on github
    You can see these parts in this picture:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	HROS1-head-brackets.jpg 
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    However when I go up to the shapeways store, the Head mount 3 bracket looks different, so I downloaded the file and sure enough the diameter appears to have changed from about 60mm to 50mm. So I just printed one out. So it looks like I need to disassemble #5 and put in the new neck!

    I thought I would mention this for the other beta 1 people who wish to update to some of these newer things. Wonder what else changed?


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    Re: 3D printable models for the HR-OS1

    Oh , my, nice catch. Some new armor is supposed to be coming down the track as well and, "oh long Johnson!" said the cat.

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    Re: 3D printable models for the HR-OS1

    Thanks, still putting my HROS1 back into one piece. But I keep creating diversions for myself, as I am still learning to 3d print and also play with 3d programs. Currently using Fusion 360 and Cura...

    Right now playing with adding a front chest piece to the HROS1, which should hopefully allow me to fit a Teensy 3.2 controlling an 8 neopixel bar. So far it is real real basic, but learning:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	HROS1-Neopixel-Chest-back.jpg 
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Name:	HROS1-Neopixel-Chest-front.jpg 
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    The front of it shows some black as I just swapped in the red PLA for the Black one that I was using.

    The Neopixel bar fits in from the back. I will make a few enhancements for it, like printing a ridge right around the inside of the hole that is the same height as the resistors on the front of the bar, as to let it lie flat. Also may print a few round knobs to go into the two mounting holes of it to hold it in place.

    The Teensy (not the one I show) fits into the inside of the tabs I show (currently a little too tight), I am now thinking I want the front to wrap around the 45 degree edges on both sides a little. Currently I have the screw holes on the outside edges larger than on the inside tabs, as to allow me to tap the inside holes.

    Again no great piece of work, but it is an interesting learning project...

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    Re: 3D printable models for the HR-OS1

    Since I've been on a bit of a nostalgia trip recently and there are more plot holes in chappie than a block of aerogel, thought I might as well add some of the designs I've been working on.

    First thought several months ago was to make a Mr. Stay Puft suit from Instamorph and/or silicone, but the HROS-1 has enough trouble with its default gait and I've still not finished my stochastic gait seekers that might find a decent waddling gait to move around with the suit restricting joint ranges.

    Given some thought to making HK-47 from KOTOR, but might be a bit difficult to scale down to an HROS-1 while keeping stereo video. Might work if it were chibi, although it would still never do it justice without the voice and attitude.

    Now thinking something like Glitch from Metal Arms since the head is literally a braincase with attached hardhat and chin/face guard. Would also make it possible to have swappable 'helmet'/'persona' options if there were 'standard' dimensions and mounting points on the braincase. Thinking along the lines of 64mm x 64mm x ~110mm braincase (simplest would be 64mm x 64mm tube with endcap on back and pcb on front; 60mm x 60mm internal cavity) with 35mm blower mounted to the face PCB that holds the two RPi cameras (with exhaust at the bottom of the chin), eight WS82812B/neopixels, and a small speaker in front.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	led_eye_rgb_v0.2.2.png 
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    Really hoping that the usb_gadget kernel modules will start to be included with Rasbian since the introduction of the RPi-Zero. Not so interested in the RPi-Zero, but having a precompiled g_ether module for RPi-A+ would make a nice USB camera with some pre-processing of images.
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    Re: 3D printable models for the HR-OS1

    Are there multiple beta parts from the Trossen folks. I can not remember ever being notified there were changes in the Beta HROS1 model. Nor any instruction on how to mount skins and that just wrong, but they don't offer them so I guess It is all good.

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    Re: 3D printable models for the HR-OS1

    Quote Originally Posted by LloydF View Post
    Are there multiple beta parts from the Trossen folks. I can not remember ever being notified there were changes in the Beta HROS1 model. Nor any instruction on how to mount skins and that just wrong, but they don't offer them so I guess It is all good.
    Have not seen any new stuff yet. Keep looking. I know they mentioned having a few different sets of printable models back when we first ordered, but have not seen anything posted here, nor any updates to the models project.

    For example I remember Andrew talking about the different skins in the video up on 21st Century Robots:

    I see some different skins up on those web pages:
    Probably done by some different schools and the like. I have not looked yet to see if any of them are open source or not.


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