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Thread: Are MX64s safe for continuous rotation?

  1. Are MX64s safe for continuous rotation?


    I am planning to use the MX64s in robot where they need to rotate continuously in one direction.Is it safe to use them in this configuration?PLease let me know.

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    Re: Are MX64s safe for continuous rotation?

    Certainly. The predecessors to the MX-64 and MX-106 (RX-64 and EX-106+, respectively) were used by at least one group to produce a powered caster drive train similar to the pr2. They used 4 RX-64 for controlling direction of the four casters then a total of 8 EX-106+ to drive the 8 wheels paired on the four casters.

    All MX servos are also fully capable of being used for position control of continuous rotation wrist joints, but could require custom firmware to do so. Robotis firmware only supports multi-turn position control as a fairly recent feature, but the hardware is fully capable of position control over infinite turns because of its 360 degree magnetic encoder.
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  3. Re: Are MX64s safe for continuous rotation?

    Are there firmwares out there on the internet for the MX-64 which would allow them to be used as a continuous rotation position controlled servo?

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