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    Connection Understanding

    I have a Problem with the Power of AX12. I have a Raspberry PIE an USB2AX and and 6 Port Hub. I have played with RC Cars and ESC's a lot but i thing from the USB2AX i can only connect GND and the Data. not the Power. is that correct? Please anyone can help me out with that.
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    and this is the right version i mean without the power is that correct?
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    Re: Connection Understanding

    The power pins of the 3/4-pin molex/dynamixel connectors are internally disconnected on the USB2Dynamixel and USB2AX. The FT232RL of the USB2Dynamixel and the ATmega8/16/32U2 of the USB2AX are powered directly from the USB port without any external voltage regulators required. Since the power pin is disconnected internally, there is no need to modify any of the dynamixel cables.
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    To put it in another way: both solutions are OK.
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    Re: Connection Understanding

    Yes -- just inject power-and-ground through the hub, and use standard cabling from there.
    I do this all the time. I have a specially stripped Dynamixel cable that terminates in a Deans T-connector for that purpose.

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