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Thread: Trying to debug HROS1 with RPI talking to Arbotix Pro

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    Re: Trying to debug HROS1 with RPI talking to Arbotix Pro

    Thanks Tician. May have to experiment some here.

    LloydF: Sounds like they may have a good option.

    My testing may be slowed down some... My Edison Arduino board that I was doing the joystick testing with just went poof!
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    I plugged in the board and saw some slight flames coming out of U1 (just below the larger USB connector)...
    I have a few more bad Edisons around here. Once totally dead, another one who won't output over the the USB debug... But maybe the edison module is still OK and it might work in one of the other mini adapters... (Still have the other Edison mounted in HROS1...)

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    Re: Trying to debug HROS1 with RPI talking to Arbotix Pro

    Slight flames LOL

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    Re: Trying to debug HROS1 with RPI talking to Arbotix Pro

    Quote Originally Posted by LloydF View Post
    Slight flames LOL
    Yep - maybe only a 1/4" tall flames , which is at least a bit more definitive than a puff of smoke :lol:
    The good news is it appears the module is still working. So I now still have I think 3 working Edisons, now all on mini-breakout boards.

    So I am still trying to figure out what all the modules are that are needed to support the PS3... Maybe I should take the easier route and simply use the Bluez4 stuff installed.

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    Re: Trying to debug HROS1 with RPI talking to Arbotix Pro

    Actually what I am now thinking of doing is a semi punt... That is I am going to swap out the Edison and put in an Odroid C1. Hopefully their USB stuff works well and I already have working Joystick (sixed) stuff for this.

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    Re: Trying to debug HROS1 with RPI talking to Arbotix Pro

    That's one of the few Boards i do not have let me know if it has Latency issues Like the 3.18 Kernel under wheezy has. The Pi's
    are fine just not the kernel they are using, which leads to some experimenting with some different non-wheezy stuff. (wheezy I wounder If someone knew something way back when. (I haven't blown one yet, oh wait yes I have. ROFL)

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    Re: Trying to debug HROS1 with RPI talking to Arbotix Pro

    Today I have done the first pass in swapping in the Odroid C1, that is currently running Ubuntu 14.04.

    Unfortunately I think I am seeing a lot of the same issues I was seeing with the RPI2 as it tries to talk to the Arbotix-Pro.
    Right now I have the C1 powering sort-of tacked together. That is my HROS1 came with a small 3 amp BEC. So used the power jumpers that I was using and used that to plug VIN/GND from Arbotix-Pro into source of BEC. I then stuffed the leads of a power connector ( into the output of the BEC and plugged it into the Odroid power connector.

    Took me a few attempts to get the PS3 to work. I am using the sixad package that I installed from So now after I boot I again simply have to push in the PS button and it will set itself up and create /dev/input/js0. I know my raspberry Pi project Joystick test program is happy with talking to the joystick, so my updated code for the HROS1 should be fine, once I figure out some way to make the Arbotix Pro happy.

    Somehow it appears interesting that it runs OK with the Edison which is a dual core 500mhz processor and not OK with C1 which is a 1.5ghz quad core processor with more memory, other stuff stored on emmc...

    So looks like I need to do some more debugging!

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    Re: Trying to debug HROS1 with RPI talking to Arbotix Pro

    Hum. Okay this is odd if you use a class 4 sd card everything seems to work, with out timing issues (well the dxl_monitor runs ok). This needs a little looking into. (Well I was hoping LOL) It still fails with kernel 3.18.
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    Re: Trying to debug HROS1 with RPI talking to Arbotix Pro

    No, just wishful thinking, lol it just takes longer to fail. Was using this Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) image for the Raspberry Pi 2, which I like a lot. But it is based on the 3.18 core and that seems the culprit here LOL.
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    Re: Trying to debug HROS1 with RPI talking to Arbotix Pro

    Sorry to hear that still no luck on RPI2...

    As I mentioned I think it might even be worse on the Odroid C1, and I am using an eMMc, which is a lot faster than sd cards...

    Unfortunately I think I am going to be tied up for a few days and not able to do much here, but hopefully later this week I will have some time to start debugging.

    Probably will try to setup to update Arbotix-Pro. Which I believe requires the programmer like Tician mentioned, plus some form of adapter, which I believe there are Eagle files for in the Arbotix-Pro github project. So I can probably send those off to someone like OSHPARK and have them fabricated and then get the parts to populate it. Wish Trossen sold a setup for this...

    As I mentioned, my gut says there is probably some buffering or non buffering issue between the Pro and faster processors. Will be interesting for example to see the sizes of data coming back from Arbotix-Pro. For example if you look in the HROS1 sources at the file CM730.cpp, probably turn on DEBUG_PRINT sucnh that when TxRxPacket is called you can in places that call ReadPort maybe update the debug outputs to maybe include hints on how many bytes are returned at a time and see if this is different for different processors...

    But might not be it as I am seeing only RX_TIMEOUT and not RX_CORRUPT so it has not received any bytes. So maybe it has not sent all of the data? Might try hacking this function, that before I call something like SetPacketTimeout, I would see about making sure the write has finished writing (flush). Would try directly in this function and/or create a new function to call in LinuxCM730.cpp and call that new function...

    Nagles algorithm? As far as I have seen this mainly applies to TCP/IP sockets, so not sure if it applies here?

    Probably some of my first steps will be to work with being able to toggle IO pins on C1 (or RPI2), and hook up logic Analyzer to these pins, plus data pin on Dynamixel Buss. Plus see about setting up some form of USB sniffer and/or find some IO pin that mimics what is going in/out from there.

    Got to go.


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    Re: Trying to debug HROS1 with RPI talking to Arbotix Pro

    If the Arbotix-Pro is still using the same bootloader as the CM-730, then it is possible to update the firmware over its USB port using the firmware_updater program from the DARwIn-OP framework. It should accept the new firmware binary over the FT232RL-connected UART and reflash itself. If it gets bricked or there is no bootloader, then the ST/Link or SWD dongle would be required.
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