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Thread: Robogames 2016?

  1. Robogames 2016?

    Mikhail and I were thinking of making Mech Warfare happen at RoboGames 2016, assuming the event actually happens again this year.

    I've tried contacting Tyberius, but haven't gotten a reply yet. Does anyone know what happened to the old arena?

    (and on a side note, there are a lot of stale Sticky posts in the MW forum, who is able to clear them out?)

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    Re: Robogames 2016?

    I believe a copy of the old arena is still in California.

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    Re: Robogames 2016?

    I heard the arena was sold to a group in Reno? The buildings had warped or something. Don't know what happened to them.

  4. Re: Robogames 2016?

    Does that mean that Mech Warfare wont be at RoboGames 2016? It doesn't show up on thier list of competitions
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  5. Re: Robogames 2016?

    Well, I think that is just because it wasn't in 2015 and no one has stepped up to organize it yet. I'm not certain we'd want to if we had to build an arena too, but are still considering it.

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    Re: Robogames 2016?

    I would want to help make this happen. I don't have the time to be 100% responsible, but I live <10 miles away from the San Mateo event center...
    If there is an arena that's still in storage in California, that would be great!
    Making new buildings is an interesting art project; the lexan/8020 framing for the arena safety seems like bigger/harder/more work.

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    Re: Robogames 2016?

    Quote Originally Posted by jwatte View Post
    the lexan/8020 framing for the arena safety seems like bigger/harder/more work.
    Also much more expensive than 2"x4" and plywood/hardboard perimeter base/wall (2~3 ft tall) where hits are most likely, then extending (mosquito) netting fabric up and over the arena for clear spectator view and decent safety. IIRC, the original arena was all fabric with plastic film windows on a plastic tubing frame.

    Old comment I never got around to posting:
    There have been several versions of the buildings and the arena enclosure. The really pretty set of buildings made by artists warped horribly from heat and/or moisture during storage, but I'm thinking there was supposed to be a newer set of buildings made from laser cut ABS (left over from when the interbotix kits switched over from ABS to PMMA/PC blend).
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    Re: Robogames 2016?

    At R-Team Robotics club we have discussed how to get MechWarrior going again at Robogames in 2016. Over the summer we sent a couple of queries to Tyberius about this with no reply. We were wondering if Andrew could mentor us thru the process of signing up with Robogames and telling us all the particulars.

    We have some cardboard boxes we use with windows drawn on the sides and are putting together a pvc mesh type arena that is similar to the original arena used at Robogames. We are going to use this arena on Dec 19,20 for Mech Brawl in Tucson. We could use the arena and boxes at Robogames. The 5 mechs from Tucson along with perhaps another 5 mechs from around the country would provide a reboot of MechWarrior.

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    Re: Robogames 2016?

    Mech Warfare.

    MechWarrior is a trademark of some other company :-)

  10. Re: Robogames 2016?

    I also tried to get a hold of Andrew with no luck on the same subject. If I had had more bandwidth, I was just going to mail [email protected] and see if David can help out. I'm guessing that it isn't that hard to get an event going, especially one that he already had the rules webpage made up for at one point.

    We're almost certainly in for a Robogames match with 1 or two bots from here in Boston.

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