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Thread: AX12+ instead of AX12A

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    AX12+ instead of AX12A

    For these dynamixels, the form factors are different but are they still fully compatible with the existing baritone kits (i.e hexapod with no motors).

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    Re: AX12+ instead of AX12A

    AX-12, AX-12+, AX-18F, AX-12A, AX-18A, AX-12W, and MX-12W have identical external dimensions and mounting systems. There have been some small changes to the design of the horn and mounting flanges to improve structural integrity and reliability, but they do not change their swappable/interchangeable nature in any way. There were significant changes to the gears inside the servos from AX-12+/18F to AX-12A/18A requiring different replacement gearsets, but there were no changes affecting external compatibility.
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    Re: AX12+ instead of AX12A

    Thanks for the response, I thought the internals remained the same between the + and A series and that only the external frame was adjusted. I know for the AX12+, getting the M2 nuts to seat in is a painful process.

    ※ AX-12+ is the improved version of existing AX-12; the design of circuit, material, and wheel gear are specially improved.
    ※ AX-12A is a new version of the AX-12+ with the same performance but more advanced external design. Only the AX-12A is now being sold.
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