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Thread: Position feedback from AX-12A when walking

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    Position feedback from AX-12A when walking

    I have a PhantomX hexapod that uses AX-12A servos to walk. Recently I have been trying to make it walk using position feedback from the servos. Meaning, I tell each leg to move to a position. When they each have reached their position (or the vicinity of it), I tell them to go to a new position.

    The problems I have is that I can't seem to make the robot move smooth. It moves chunky and slow. But if I use timing to update the positions of the legs, it moves really nice and fast.

    Have someone else tried this? In that case, how did it go?

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    Re: Position feedback from AX-12A when walking

    I have done something like this in the past, both with AX type servos as well as RC type servos connected with a Lynxmotion SSC-32 controller. And most of the time I found that you could get smoother motions when I did it using timing code.

    This made sense to me as the code to ask all 18 servos for their current position and have them respond is not insignificant and then you have to do the logic to figure out it is at the right positions and then output the next positions. So the granularity of how often you can do the updates is impacted. Also while you are deciding that it made it to the current position and then output a new position there may be enough of a delay that the servos will momentarily pause at these positions and then start, which is probably what you are seeing.

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