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Thread: YATB - Yet Another Teensy Board :D

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    Re: YATB - Yet Another Teensy Board :D

    Does it provide IO pins on control table addresses like the Pro?

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    Re: YATB - Yet Another Teensy Board :D

    Which "it" :lol:

    I have a board that is sized the same as Arbotix Pro, and it exports quite a few IO pins, as compatible as it can with the Arbotix Pro. It has several digital pins, Analog pins and the like. I never completed integrating the BNO055 in to the Arbotix Pro like table, but can be.

    The new RPI Hat like board, has fewer IO pins exposed than the Teensy Arbotix Pro, as I choose not to add the connector to bottom of T3.2. And I am using up Several of the IO pins for other features:
    (0, 1 - AX Buss, 2 direction on AX, 3 power on AX BUSS, 4 sound, 5 led, 6 NEO Pixel, 9,10 - Uart to Host(opt), A4-A5 I2C to BNO055 (opt), A9 RST to BNO055). A10 Voltage, A11 Buttons). But that still leaves several IOs to allow to be read.

    As I mentioned earlier, with some boards, expect to setup to have host handle BNO055, by either I2C (if it supports clock stretch which RPI does not). Can configure for T3.2 to use it or can choose to configure for BNO055 to be in serial mode and connected to HOST uart, which would imply that host to this board through USB...

    The T2 test... Could easily configure software to have registers for different IO pins...

    Current WIP code is up on github: and

    Some of the board designs (diptrace) are up on github in:
    I try to upload the zip files I send off to either OSHPark or Seeedstudio...

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    Re: YATB - Yet Another Teensy Board :D

    Quote Originally Posted by KurtEck View Post
    Also a SYNC_READ for the 12 servos is taking maybe 3.4ms...

    Which is more or less the same speed as I get with USB2AX on reading servo positions one servo at a time. My calls to SYNC_READ are failing on USB2AX, so I need to figure out what is different.
    Have Sync read working in my test program with USB2AX now. Timing about 3.7ms...

    Issue was, the ID I was sending the SYNC_READ to. I used BROADCAST_ID for the message (0xfe), which I thought from the documentation of the instruction packet: the id could be either 0xfe or 0xfd (id of USB2AX). Changed code to use the ID of the controller and it now responds.

  4. Re: YATB - Yet Another Teensy Board :D

    Hmm, that's a bug in the USB2AX code base that you have found then!
    I'll look into either fixing it or aligning the documentation :/ Sorry about the time you've lost
    Personal blog:
    USB2AX documentation:

  5. Re: YATB - Yet Another Teensy Board :D

    First of all I'd like to say that you doing awesome work here KurtEck, but I have a question, When we can expect some updates on Github? cause I just ordered some Teensy Arbotix Pro v3.0 pcb's but I can't find the BOM List for v3.0 only for v1.0 and v2.0 and the RPI but no v3.0 and will you implement BNO055 imu in the code some time soon? Thanks again for great work you do

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    Re: YATB - Yet Another Teensy Board :D

    Sorry, I missed this posting...

    I am sorry to say that I became sidetracked on other projects and in fact I have not built this version yet and maybe won't. If I remember correctly I ordered a set from Seeedstudio, but about the time I was going to build it, I started playing with the Teensy 3.6 beta and then 3.5. I honestly do not remember what the changes were between .2 and .3, but probably was a simple fix. It looks like I uploaded the .xlsx file after I uploaded the zip file for .3 so guessing I updated it then...

    So I then did some updated designs using these newer, larger boards. Then I decided it would be more fun to instead building a board the size of the Arbotix-Pro, that you had to stack and connect up to other board such as RPI or ODroid or... that it might be more interesting to build it as a hat that could plug into these boards. So that is what I have been playing with.

    As these chips are larger than T3.2 on these newer boards I punted and removed the BNO055. I was struggling deciding how I would use the BNO055, built into these boards. Should I cripple it and only emulate the registers that the Arbotix-pro did like the CM730? Or should I make full use of it. If Full use, then should the Teensy be using it or does the host want full access to it, probably to use with ROS drivers? .

    If I want to instead just emulate the stuff of the Arbotix-Pro, maybe the BNO055 is overkill. Maybe a solution like one that a PJRC forum member sells up on Tindie (, which solders an IMU to the bottom pins of the Teensy. He has a version that he is prototyping for the T3.5/6, which he has not yet selling but you can order his boards from OSHPARK... Or maybe better off to design board around the propshield, which can take over on the board design for the IMU, plus the Neopixel or other and Sound amp...

    So as I said I keep running around in circles. My next board to build will probably be the updated version of this I have that fixed a few issues, but currently playing more with my board I will be using for well monitor setup... Too many distractions

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    Re: YATB - Yet Another Teensy Board :D

    Not sure if anyone is interested, but:

    I am trying to get myself back into playing more with RPI/Odroid/Up boards and with my PhantomX. Thought that if PhantomX V4 is coming out with an RPI3 I should get a jump on it...

    So I played around some more with Diptrace and I am building a newer version of my T3.2 RPI HAT.

    I was curious if I could make a smaller version of the hat that did not extend over top of USB/Ethernet connectors, so I tried reducing some stuff, plus rethink a few things.

    Here are the 3d images out of diptrace:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	T3.2---RPI-Shield-V2---Top.jpg 
Views:	49 
Size:	149.5 KB 
ID:	6888Click image for larger version. 

Name:	T3.2---RPI-Shield-V2---bot.jpg 
Views:	44 
Size:	141.2 KB 
ID:	6889

    I think I still have enough stuff on it to make it fun.

    Still have larger VR on it to hopefully be able to power RPI plus...
    Have 6 AX servo connectors which power can be switched on/off and 1 that is always on.
    Sound - Uses DAC plus small AMP and speaker
    2 buttons, 1 LED, 1 Neopixel which can extend to others
    Setup to be able to jumper from UART on RPI to Serial2 on Teensy
    Some other RPI bins are brought out as well. Including I2C with optional PU resistors.

    I dropped having the BNO055 IMU from previous version as probably can not fit. Instead I will experiment with one of the

    Which can solder onto the Surface mount pins on the bottom of the Teensy Which should be fun to see how well that works.

    I know I probably screwed up a few things, but went ahead and ordered a set of 3 (.8mm 2oz) from OSHPark.
    Hopefully this time around I will actually assemble one. I do have one of the IMUs coming.

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    Re: YATB - Yet Another Teensy Board :D

    Edit: Looking closer, it looks like you're using a switching regulator, above whatever that TO-220 is, so nevermind!

    Still have larger VR on it to hopefully be able to power RPI plus...
    Is that a large linear regulator I see? That's unlikely to work well. 2A through something that drops 6V (11V to 5V) will dissipate 12W. That's ... a lot! Much more than an un-heat-sinked package can dissipate.

    You need a switching regulator. You can use a pre-made one (like the OKI-78SR05 that comes in TO-220 compatible packaging) or build one on your board (I did for my hat, using a 3.5A LMR14030SS with a SRU1048-4R7Y inductor, and that worked OK!)

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    Re: YATB - Yet Another Teensy Board :D

    It is a switching DC/DC converter, like the ones used on Arbotix boards, but larger and voltage is select able.
    I have used it on my other T3.6 boards and so far has worked.

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    Re: YATB - Yet Another Teensy Board :D

    Yeah, the main problem I have with that part is that it only goes to 14V, so it doesn't work with 4S. Not a problem for 3S bots :-)

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