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Thread: Depth of the "nut" on the back site of servo [AX12/AX18]

  1. Depth of the "nut" on the back site of servo [AX12/AX18]

    This is my 1st post here so Hello Everyone!

    I will get a pack of AX12 and AX18 servos in few days but I want to start design right now.

    The only thing I couldn't find is the depth of the "nut" on the back site of servo.
    I won't use standard Robotis bushing and need to know how long screw I should buy.

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    Re: Depth of the "nut" on the back site of servo [AX12/AX18]

    For an AX-12+ (AX-12A/18A changed how that nut is mounted in the case but fully compatible with all AX-12+ frames, bushings, and screws), the nut is ~2mm thick and sits behind ~1.5mm of plastic in the indentation in the case where the bushing spins, so maybe ~4mm needed for full engagement of the nut. The plastic retention clip of the AX-12+ stops the screw from going more than 8mm into the servo where it might hit the PCB, but do not remember how (or if) the AX-12A/18A protect the ATmega88 directly beyond the ~8mm limit.
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