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Thread: DIY FSR Feet for the HR-OS1

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    Re: DIY FSR Feet for the HR-OS1

    Quote Originally Posted by Pengatom View Post
    I was thinking of posting a question of how the status of this project has come today, but now I also have to ask if you figured out a way to fix the Arbotix Pro board, as I just tore of the usb connector on my board as well...

    This usb connector is a very week link! I barely touched it and it came straight off, pulling part of the pcb with it.
    Yes and no - I replaced the board

    As I mentioned on mine, when the connector came off it took the etch associated with the other USB connector as well, so the USB part was toast. However if you have one of the newer boards (ones that were not part of the initial pre-order), then there is an option, to control the Arbotix-Pro using some of the IO pins that are associated with a USART. I made my own version of firmware that I could download using the JTAG connector. The problem with doing this with the pre-order ones was they did not install the jtag connector. There is a hole pattern for it, but the holes are too small for normal IO pins to solder in. I believe the Arbotix Pro github project had an eagle design for an adapter you could make to allow JTAG... But since I had a working one, I threw away the bad one.

    I have also built my own boards using Teensy processors, which I would also prefer to use than the Arbotix Pro.

    Also I am sad to say I have not done much with my HR-OS1 in many many months, probably close to a year. I have been sort of waiting until to see if/when Trossen was actively working with it. I keep checking some of the different github projects and PrintSandbox and things have been real real quiet!

    Good luck

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    Re: DIY FSR Feet for the HR-OS1

    Nice project

    I'm at work for few weeks ( Tour De France ) but when I come back, I think I will do this nice add-ons.

    But I have one question coming , how you manage the serial command ( on hard part and software ) the transmitt and receive on one wire ?
    To be compatible with dynamixel protocol...

    How do you link the wire Tx and RX ? To be compatible with Dynamixel protocol...
    Just one sort-circuit between both, or do you add something else, maybe you manage in the software ?

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    Re: DIY FSR Feet for the HR-OS1

    Yes - it is wired up to use one wire. The method for how I do it depends on the processor.

    That is if I am using an AVR processor like the Arbotix-m or Arduino Pro mini or Pro trinket - then we simply jumper TX and RX to each other and then connect up to DXL. Note, would probably put a resistor inline to help to protect it. The software handles when to enable the TX or RX pin to make it work

    When I use Teensy boards to do this, I use the half duplex support of the processor, so I only have to hook up the TX pin, and then the software controls the direction of the half duplex

    Software: I was using code that is my github project:

    Note: I have not looked at any of this for probably well over a year now.

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    Re: DIY FSR Feet for the HR-OS1

    It's been awhile since I've messed with the FSR feet as well. I was using a Trinket for communication on the DXL bus and had a diode between TX and RX. Pretty sure there was some software logic involved as well.

    Kurt does a nice job improving development and getting things packaged. His DynamixelDevice repo is probably a good place to start.
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    Re: DIY FSR Feet for the HR-OS1

    Trinket Pro, nice option, thanks R3n33

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    Re: DIY FSR Feet for the HR-OS1

    FYI - I made circuit boards for feet and Neopixels for both teensy and trinket. Example Trinket LED
    Click image for larger version. 

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    They are up in my github (kurte) Teensy3.1-Breakout-boards project...

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