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Thread: NXT package install error

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    NXT package install error

    Hello everybody!

    I have to do a NXT segway for one discipline in my university and we are using ROS.
    I'm already install ros electric and complete the tutorials. Now I'm starting NXT tutorials.
    But I failed on install nxt package. Following the tutorial, until the command **sudo apt-get update**, everything goes ok.
    When the command **sudo apt-get install ros-electric-nxtall** is set, they return that ros-electric-nxtall can't find the dependences ros-electric-nxt-apps and ros-electric-joystick-drivers, but they will not install these dependences. What can I do for solve this?

    Tutorials link:

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    Re: NXT package install error

    ROS Electric end of life was I believe back in 2012. It doesn't appear it was maintained for future releases. I'd go to the source and see if you can build manually.

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