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    Wall E

    I'm a newbie beginning a Wall E build - full size. I connected with Trossen due to proximity to my home. Anyone else out there in the Chicago suburb area with experience in any of the following:

    Track Tread build
    Arduino development

    These will be the primary issues I'll deal with on the build. Also, interested in anyone that has used wheelchair motors on track treads versus double shaft NPC motors.

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    Re: Wall E

    My brief experience with tracks is that you want to buy a ready-made track/rollers/pinions, and then drive one of the wheels/pinions with a motor.

    You may be able to get some from power wheelbarrows, or perhaps very small diggers?

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    Re: Wall E

    I've been thinking about building a Wall-e also but I don't have the time for it yet. I found a Yahoo Wall-e builders group that gives you access to a lot of Wall-e specific info, files, and people with experience building Wall-e robots. There is some info about how others have done the tracks. Here's the link if you want to check it out:

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