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Thread: Arduino and MX-64T

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    Arduino and MX-64T


    my name is Andrej and i want to start a project at my university with an arduino and a Dynamixel servo motor. I want to take the MX-64T for this project.

    My problem is, that I never worked with servos which uses serial communication. Do I need extra hardware like a transreciever or a buffer or can i use the tx/rx ports of my arduino? Does anyone have a schematic or something?

    The arduino will be an arduino due.

    Thany you very much in advance for your help and excuse my for my bad english.

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    Re: Arduino and MX-64T

    In general, yes, you can drive the Dynamixel TTL bus using a TX/RX from a serial port, by tying both the TX and the RX to the same wire (preferably with some 47 ohm resistors for a bit of "oops" protection and a weak 10k pull-up.)
    You'd then have to know how to turn off the transmitter when you're not transmitting, as it will otherwise pull the line up too hard for the servos to try to pull it down when they respond (which may burn out circuits.) You'll also want to discard the data you yourself transmit when you receive it on the RX side.

    The Due has the problem that it's a 3.3V device, whereas the MX-64T wants 5V TTL signaling, though. So, that simple hack (easy on the Arduino Uno) won't work as well there.
    Instead, you can add a 74HCT125 buffer circuit, and drive the "direction" pin so that you send out when you have something to transmit, and receive when you don't.

    You probably want two of them (one out, one in) and also a resistor divider (1 kOhm plus 2.2 kOhm) on the input side to divide the 5V of the incoming buffer to 3.3V for the Due RX input.

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    Re: Arduino and MX-64T

    I was playing around with this a couple of years ago and at the time I did not have any luck.

    I was using an interface adapter: which has since been discontinued.

    Don't remember too many of the specifics, but looking back at some postings I did on the Arduino forum, I was having problems trying to get the buss to run at 1mbs. The closest I could get was 1050000. But I see some others have come out with a shield for the Arduino Due, so I assume they have resolved this.

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