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Oops, sorry,

I was mainly trying to point you to several examples... When I started off, I also started off learning things like the Serial/Terminal, by doing simple examples: In my first case, I was updating my Lynxmotion T-Hex to an RPI. So I knew I had to do handle two serial port devices. An XBee to receive messages from Arbotix Commander (later from DIY Remote control) and to the SSC-32 servo controller.

So I setup a couple of c++ classes for these in my RPI project in the library directory and built simple test apps. Not sure if I still have the commander test program as part of this project, I see I still have the SSC-32 test program.

Again not sure if it helps, but the file: https://github.com/KurtE/Raspberry_P...ommanderEx.cpp
has the Commander code, including all of the stuff to open the file, termios... Plus it creates a worker thread, who waits on the serial port for packets from the commander...

Let me know if you have any questions, otherwise...

Thanks! That helped a lot!