Hi All,
I went through the documentation of AX 12 and 18 and found they have some compliance slope/margin & punch to kinda simulate PID closed loop control. My first question is, does this control algorithm can really emulate a PID control like MX servos give. I guess no... But found some users in forum got a very good results.

So my second q is can any one point me to a tested link where people changed the firmware of AX 12/18 servos to get actual PID control. Google gave me some links but I am not very proficient in doing firmware changing on AX servos. So will it be safe to update firmware or try by compliance process as documentation gives?

Doc: http://support.robotis.com/en/produc...x_actuator.htm
AX 12 PID python code: https://gist.github.com/iandanforth/7185092
Updated firmware: https://actuated.wordpress.com/ax12firmware/