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Thread: Owners of a PulsedLight LIDAR-Lite v2 Laser Rangefinder click here. Will purchase at high price

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  1. Owners of a PulsedLight LIDAR-Lite v2 Laser Rangefinder click here. Will purchase at high price

    Hello, my name is Chad Morton, and I am a student at Indiana University studying mathematics and computer programming. For the past year I have been working on a project that uses a LIDAR-Lite Laser Rangefinder v1 by PulsedLight to build point clouds. Nothing new, but my research aims to create, compare, and identify new efficient scanning algorithms, other than the commonly used brute force approach. I recently was invited to present my research at the Butler University Undergraduate Research Conference, which takes place on April 8th. All along I planned to upgrade to the LIDAR-Lite v2, which can take 500 pts/sec, vs the v1, which takes about 50 pts/sec. Until recently had been working on building a software platform and perfecting the physical scanning system. When it finally came
    time to upgrade the LiDAR device, I realized that the v2, which I planned to implement and designed everything around, is on backorder until late April. If I had no other choice, I *could* present with the single v1 I am currently using for testing, however if I had two of the LiDAR v2s, which my rig is set up to run, it would increase the efficiency by 2000%
    (currently running 50 points/sec vs the upgraded 1000 points/sec of two v2s)

    Could anyone help me out here? I would be happy to pay full market price for any used LIDAR-Lite v2s, or even if you could 'rent' me a v2, which I could return to you after my presentation. If you own a LIDAR-Lite v2, PLEASE e-mail me at [email protected] and we can work something out. It would really be a disappointment to have to do my presentation knowing that I am running at only 5% of full potential.

    Here is a video of the rig operating with the v1.
    and a scan
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