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Thread: Hexapod head and tail movement programming

  1. Hexapod head and tail movement programming

    Our school has a lynxmotion hexapod with a head and tail. however the phoenix software doesn't have any code in it to control the head or tail. I have looked over the code and it looks extremely difficult to add this code in since I am a beginner programmer. Does anyone have any ideas or resources i could use to get the head and tail working in the same fluid manor that the legs work in. Any help would be greatly useful. Thankyou all, -Adam

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    Re: Hexapod head and tail movement programming

    This comes up every so often. I have never fully integrated Kåre's (Zenta) changes for the A-POD into my main Arduino (or Linux) code bases. The original code was done in basic for the Basic Micro BAP28 or Arc32. Since I never had one of these robots, I never went through the process or integrating the Head and Tail code optionally into the Phoenix code base.

    However a couple of years ago, I had an Orion Robotics ANT robot, which was similar to the A-POD (I don't think they are made any more). I had a version of the code base sort of working for this Robot. The code is up in my Github projects:

    However the code was based around Orion Robotics Servos which were different, plus their PS2 controller, which is again different and again their servo shield and again which is different.

    Again this has been asked more than once in the last year or so, so you may want to search this forum as well as Robotshop (purchased Lynxmotion), and maybe someone has actually done the work. Each time, I mention, if you do get a working version, let me know and I will try to integrate the code into the Phoenix code base.

    Good Luck


  3. Re: Hexapod head and tail movement programming

    Thank you Kurt for the information. Our hexapod uses the botduino, ssc-32u, and a PS2 controller. I will chk out that code for the Orion project you posted and see if I can make any adaptations to our code. Also I'll keep searching around.
    Best regards,

  4. Re: Hexapod head and tail movement programming

    Hay i found some code that works with the Bot Board 2 and the Basic ATOM Pro 28 chip. i switched over the board on the ant robot but the only chip i had was a BS2 chip. I cannot get the code to download into the BS2 chip so I am thinking that i need to find a Basic ATOM Pro 28 chip. However they don't seem to be readily available on the internet.

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    Re: Hexapod head and tail movement programming

    Yes Basic Micro, pulled the plug and are no longer selling Basic Atom Pros, nor ARC32s... They also pulled the plug on their Robots (Orion Robotics) They are now called ION Motion control and I believe they are still selling their RoboClaw Motor Controllers.

    Several months ago, you used to still be able to purchase some of these boards from a company in England:, but this now looks like an EBAY store, and they don't appear to have the BAP28s or the Arc32. The BAP24 might work, but...

    Have you tried contacting Robotshop and see if they have any?

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    Re: Hexapod head and tail movement programming

    As Kurt mention the A-Pod code is only available on Basic code. But you could study it to get hint how to control it.
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  7. Re: Hexapod head and tail movement programming

    Thankyou guys. I have a couple students studying the arduino based code to see if they can make something happen. And I will continue to see if I can find one of those basic atom pro 28 chips. I have my teacher looking into buying one from the Robotshop or where ever we can find one. And Kurt thankyou for the Orion code, I see some head and tail code in there that maybe we can integrate into our robot with the botduino board. Thanks for all the help and support Kurt and Zenta. Best Regards, -Adam

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