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  1. OpenCM IDE (Ubuntu 14.04)

    Hi guys, I have an opencm9.03 board and I am trying to get it to work on Ubuntu14.04. I can see on their page that the last tested version was 12.04 but I that is not a choice for me. I was able to get the board to work on Windows10 and OSXElCapitan and also Ubuntu12.04. I have followed every guide there is and every fix I've seen. The board is recognized and all but when I upload code to the board, I get a "board is not responding" error. Please, any help that can be offered will be highly appreciated.

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    Re: OpenCM IDE (Ubuntu 14.04)

    Ubuntu 14.04, or Ubuntu 14.04 instance via vmware? Because the USB port of the OpenCM-9.04 is the native port of the STM32, it will reset/disappear with the STM32 during the reset+upload process. This means there is a lag between the board being reset and the board reappearing as a new device on the USB port. I'm not sure how vmware handles new USB devices, but the lag in reappearing might be enough to cause a timeout error in the IDE.

    It might be worth trying to force the OpenCM-9.04 into bootloader mode prior to attempting the upload. Not entirely sure anymore, but it used to be that you had to pull D2 (Port A, Pin 0) high with a resistor to force the bootloader to stay active instead of running the existing code on the STM32. It should work with the OpenCM IDE, but if it does not then the uploader python script I made a while back should also work (have to grab the compiled .bin file from arduino folder in /tmp).
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    Thanks a lot! That worked(python script). I'm really grateful.

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