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Thread: Darwin-Mini project with OpenCM IDE

  1. Darwin-Mini project with OpenCM IDE

    A while back I did some work on my Darwin-mini bot using the OpenCM IDE and the ArbotiX Pose Engine.
    It's been a while since I worked on it, but the code could be useful to anyone else looking to replicate the motions and actions.
    You can find the code here

    Features/Solved problems:
    • Python script that converts the ROBOTIS software v2.0 gaits to Bioloid motion controller gaits (needs some manual touch ups once generated). File is called
    • On the fly motion adjustments for speed
    • IMU_MPU6050 integration for gyro and accelerometer readings over i2c
      • auto get up function when robot falls over

    • Servo performance problem when using XL-320 with OpenCM
    • Motions have been exported from ROBOTIS controller to Bioloid motion controller including:
      • Get Up
      • Sit
      • Greet 1
      • Greet 2
      • Right/Left Hook
      • Right/Left Kick
      • Right/Left Turn
      • Side Step Left/Right
      • Advance
      • Fast Advance
      • Slow Advance
      • Reverse

    Unsolved problems:
    • robot shakes after programming if battery power is on
    • if robot falls over hard it can result in the robot shaking and all servos flashing red
    • programming space limited to about half the full amount due to a firmware bug by ROBOTIS (non of the fixes worked for me)
    • i2c magnetometer integration

    This is by no means finished code, it is very much a work in progress. It will require some stuffing around to get it working as I haven't worked on this project in a while.
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    Re: Darwin-Mini project with OpenCM IDE

    That sounds great! I have a Darwin Mini, too, that I sometimes poke at.

    The main problem for me is that it's "use the stock software" or "start from scratch," and while I'm capable of starting from scratch, that's a giant time suck.

    What I really just want to do is add support for firing a laser while controlling the robot walking around (demo purposes!) so I'm considering re-purposing a Onyx Fire II board to read DXL 2 commands, and just configure it to turn on when the "position" is > 800 or something. The main problem that drives that is that the Robo+ software doesn't support peripherals, only the XL-320 motors (and the upcoming other X ones.)

  3. Re: Darwin-Mini project with OpenCM IDE

    Yeah feel free to grab it as a code base and add on to it

    I forgot to mention that you will either need to send the bot commands via USB or a bluetooth serial link.
    I used an app I wrote a while back to push characters over bluetooth serial from my android device. You can find it here
    I have a new version I have written that works on multiple device resolutions and is much nicer to use, but I don't have anywhere to host the APK.
    PM me if you want to check it out

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