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Thread: UP Board

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    Re: UP Board

    Again I don't have schematic, but was told they do have at least a poly-fuse and then voltage regulator...

    I did try applying 5v to RPI like header pins and the 3.3v pins show correctly so some of it is still working. But not sure what else.
    Does not appear to boot up to the WIFI... Not sure I wish to plug it into HDMI to see if anything shows up... But may with monitor I don't care if I fry...

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    Re: UP Board

    ... I did try with monitor that I don't care about and nothing (as I suspected would happen).

    It was sort of interesting yesterday, that when I made the order for the replacement plus a few extras.

    When I completed the order, at the end of my order it took me to a page showing what turned out to be a test for a flash sale, which if it was real I would probably have ordered...

    Realsense R200 with UP board, cable and power supply for $120)... So I contacted them...

    Turned out it was just a test and not a real product code or I would have been able to add it to order... Note they do sell the higher end Realsense camera:

    In one of my replies to them, I mentioned that I thought it would be a nice product as currently the Turtlebot-3 waffle shows this camera with Intel Joule, which we know is in the process of being discontinued.

    I received a response from them of: Very soon you will hear some update about UP and Turtlebot3. :-)

    And later this morning they send out email to their list announcing a Summer Flash sale starting at midnight tonight (not sure whose midnight).

    So who knows what they will have up there.

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    Re: UP Board

    Aluminum chassis + up2 might make for a good home theater PC. Or perhaps a 3D printer runner. (I have a little AMD-based Z-box from many years ago that initially went on the first Onyx walker doing that duty right now. It's very slow.)
    Then again, at $200-$300, there are NUCs with similar capability and price, available from Amazon ... like
    You'd need to use USB for the Teensy, though; no RPi header.
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    Re: UP Board

    My UP2 board arrived. First thing that hit me, is how much more bulky this board is versus the first UP board.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Up Boards.JPG 
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    There is an RPI3 sitting behind the UP2.

    They grew the board in one direction, but the but difference is the size of the Heatsink below the board. It also came with a case, which I had it in, but yesterday I received a Wifi/BT board, like you use in a portable which I installed. Not sure yet about Ant. I purchased a couple of external ones to plug in, but they are rather bulky.

    Now back to playing

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    Re: UP Board

    Hum, I got my new UP Board today with the robot development kit from Intel. I got a account with Intel and downloaded there latest ISO and was able to boot up to Ubuntu 14.04 and then Upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04. It comes with the intel RealSense Camera R200, so I shall move it into a turtlebot3 waffle and see what happens, this should be fun.
    I used the EDIMAX AC, it use's the rtl8812au chip so drivers are easy to find for Ubuntu.
    (Note this board has the same form factor as the rpi3, with a heat sink and fan, sorta like the xu4 in pi size,
    But it is the USB3.0 what has me happy, and the Graphics run 4k nicely)
    What's in the Box:

    • Intel RealSense R200 Camera
    • AAEON UP Board
      • Intel Atom Processor x5-Z8350
      • Intel HD Graphics
      • 4GB DDR3L-1600 memory
      • 32GB eMMC storage

    • USB 3.0 Type A Female to Micro USB Type B Male Adapter
    • USB 3.0 Type B Male to Micro USB Type B Male Cable
    • 5V 4A Power supply
    • (note. works as a Intel joule replacement. tested on tb3 waffle by me)
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    Re: UP Board

    Yes - I have a couple of the Up boards sitting here. One that came with the same kit you purchased and another that I purchased direct from Europe (to replace the one that I accidentally plugged 12v into the 5v connector (I have a RPI hat with Teensy on it and DC to DC converter, which takes 12v and I accidentally plugged the wall wart into the wrong connector.... (magic smoke!)

    What did not come with the kit was a wifi adapter. So I purchased two of them to try out. So far the slower one has been more stable for me. I asked for suggestions up on UP forum ( but did not get any responses. The two I purchased were based on other comments I saw up on their forums.

    I have debated with myself which of the UP boards to put on the waffle (the one from the kit with the semi noisy fan) or the one with a just a heat sink. ... Currently I have the one with fan on it. I really do need to finish putting it all back in one piece!

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