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Thread: Can Arbotix Pro easily replace the Arbotix-M in my robot?

  1. Can Arbotix Pro easily replace the Arbotix-M in my robot?

    I have an Arbotix-M that I use as a subcontroller for a legged robot. It runs a modified Firmata sketch compiled with Arduino to interface with a realtime controller on my Windows machine.

    I have my eye on the Arbotix Pro, mostly for its additional analog pins and the built in gyro and accelerometer. Aside from geometry, is it a one-to-one replacement? Can I still run my Arduino code on it? Are there major differences between the two? I've had a hard time finding any documentation on them.



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    Re: Can Arbotix Pro easily replace the Arbotix-M in my robot?

    There was recently some discussion in this thread that may help answer your questions:!

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