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Thread: Detecting Water system problems before...

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    Re: Detecting Water system problems before...

    Thought I would mention, I am finally making some progress... So far still with the current sensors... Tried hooking up 4 of them today at the well house. My code to calculate currents is not correct, as I did not go through to do the full RMS sensing, but it does appear to see when the pumps turn on and off...

    Also today I tried out the two displays talking to each other. One in the well house and other on my desk. The boards have LoRA RM95 on them with connection for external ANT. Looks like they are talking fine as when I got back to my office and plugged in the 2nd unit, it showed the Temp/humidity in pump house... However it looks like the unit in the well house has hung... Was seeing that earlier in my office and it appeared like it hung trying to read the SHT31 Temp unit from Adafruit, using I2C... Need to debug more... But at last showing some progress.

    I also need to work on the wiring of the display in well house to sensor unit as the connections in the display are just using simple break off pins, and the cheap jumper wires are not keeping good contact. And the code needs lots of work.

    Now back to debugging!

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    Re: Detecting Water system problems before...

    I'm late to the party here but though I'd just chime in anyways. I stuck a pipe with the top sealed. bottom open and a barometric pressure sensor in the top of the pipe in my ground water tank. As the tank fills, air pressure increases in the pipe and decreases as it empties. Just has a simple building light that it switches on if low so no fancy electronics but its been reliable for good many years. Needs calibrating by lifting the pipe out and putting it back in again every 6 months or so, must leak a little air but its so simple its quite solid.

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