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Thread: Darwin Mini and Raspberry Pi : let's create the missing 3D printable parts! [call for contributions]

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    Post Darwin Mini and Raspberry Pi : let's create the missing 3D printable parts! [call for contributions]


    You should know this $500 small brother of Darwin OP, also Open Hardware, published two years ago. I've waited for a long time but nobody tried the experience: I would give to Darwin Mini a motherboard under Linux, to bring him intelligence, full autonomous behaviours, robots cooperation, visual recognition and more.

    According to me, it miss some key features:
    - a Raspberry Pi (because of the community and available ressources) for connected applications, intelligence, autonomy, vision etc
    - a Pi camera module (hardware accelerated) in the head (for direction)
    - one or two microphones (on arms for directional analysis ? only one in the chest ?)
    - a speaker (Text To Speech, choregraphy...)
    - an IMU (accelerometer, gyroscop, magnetometer, compass...) in the chest (for stability and precision)
    - two hands, to grab objects, climb, or anything else

    I wish to find people to brainstorm about these features, share ideas and then build the necessary 3D model parts.

    For example, we can use Darwin OP hands as model (middle picture):

    My skills are mainly IT development, I made a little OpenSCAD but I don't know to use either SolidWorks neither FreeCAD, that's why I need your help! I've created a topic on the Poppy project forum because their framework is designed for Dinamixels motors programmation.

    The Poppy project is creating an ecosystem similar to Nao, in Free Softwares, adapted to every robot using Dynamixels servos, through their Python library Pypot. Poppy Humanoid is the most famous robot from this project, but the framework allow to easily define a custom robot called a Creature.

    However, my only goal for now is to find the most adapted motor driver, a good Raspberry Pi version and design the new 3D parts on the Darwin Mini. You're free to join the thread on the other forum or to share your ideas here. Once this robot will have a embedded Linux, everyone will be free to program as he wish.
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    Re: Darwin Mini and Raspberry Pi : let's create the missing 3D printable parts! [call for contributions]

    I have a Mini. It's fun! I added a head turn servo. To do that, I had to build a XL-sized connector hub to be able to splice in more wires, as the OpenCM has four headers that each already go to a limb. I mounted the hub under one shoulder (the other shoulder keeps the BlueTooth receiver.)

    The Raspberry Pi is a lot bigger than the OpenCM, and I don't know where you'd fit it. It would have to sit on the back, perhaps? But then it's very vulnerable when the bot falls over.

    The main limitation I found is that the support for adding additional joints/servos in the RoboPlus 2.0 software is ... shall we say ... not great. There's certainly no "bulk edit" that lets me make each animation have a default pose for the head, for example.
    Also, there is no way I can find to re-configure the controller software to some other set of poses or layout of buttons.

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