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Thread: Arbotix-M Dimensions

  1. Arbotix-M Dimensions

    Dear All,
    While waiting for my Arbotix-M to arrive, I want to design the mechanical part to hold it.

    But I couldn't find its dimension anywhere, other than its size 61mm X 61mm.

    Can anybody point me to any document, or be kind enough to share these measurements;

    1. Outer dimension = 61mm X 61mm (correct?)
    2. Screw hole size = ?
    3. Screw hole location = ?



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    Re: Arbotix-M Dimensions

    1)The ArbotiX-M is 61x61mm (the DC heck does overhang the PCB by ~1.5mm, so in a tight enclosure you'd need 61x62.5, or at least a cutout for the jack, plus any clearance for what you plug into it)

    2)The ArbotiX-M is deigned for M3 bolts (the actual hole size is ~3.3mm)

    3)The mounting holes are on a 52x52 mm square.

  3. Re: Arbotix-M Dimensions

    Fantastic! Thanks kgranat!

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