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Thread: Arduino with RX 24f

  1. Lightbulb Arduino with RX 24f

    Hello guys,

    i followed the tutorial ( to communicate with my RX24F. I bought a MAX485 to convert my TTL Uart signal into the needed RS485.

    The red LED is flashing one time once the power (12V 2A) ist plugged. Is that okay? Im sending continous signals, but
    there is no feedback from the servo. The LED is turned off the hole time. Can someone help me in that point?



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    Re: Arduino with RX 24f

    It is perfectly normal for the LED to flash once at power-on and never turn on again unless commanded to do so. If the LED starts flashing continuously and you are not sending packets to make it do that, then you have caused a over-temperature or over-current fault that has sent the servo into a safety shutdown mode.

    The RX series of servos default to a baudrate of 57600bps while the AX and MX servos default to a baudrate of 1Mbps, so make sure your sketch is using the right baudrate. The baudrate can be changed to any other valid baudrate once you achieve successful communications. Also make sure the D+ and D- signals have not been swapped between the MAX485 and the RX-24F connector.
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  3. Re: Arduino with RX 24f

    Thank you very much...
    I changed the baudrate (in my programm/ library) but the servo still remains quit. Are the instructions which are sent to the servo the same like for the AX series?

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