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Thread: PhantomX WidowX Payload Capacity

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    PhantomX WidowX Payload Capacity

    Is there anyway to increase the payload capacity of the PhantomX WidowX? I.e is it possible to swap the Dynamixels with ones with higher torque or to potentially use the new pro series?

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    Re: PhantomX WidowX Payload Capacity

    There are no other servos that exactly match the mounting holes of the MX-28.
    The only kinds of swappable Dynamixel servos I know about are:
    AX-12 can swap with AX-18
    MX-64 can swap with MX-106
    XH-430 can swap with XM-430

    That being said, once you get to the cost of the Pro servos, the additional cost of having some steel or aluminum plate water jet cut to match up the holes of the pro servos is comparatively small. Then again, if that's the kind of price range you're looking at, a small desktop factory robot arm from Kuka or ABB or whatever is probably a better option -- same price or cheaper, and comes fully production ready. (At least if you buy it used.)

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    Re: PhantomX WidowX Payload Capacity

    Quote Originally Posted by jwatte View Post
    MX-64 can swap with MX-106
    You'll need wider C-brackets for the MX-106, unless you already use the brackets made for 106 with the additional spacers.
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    Re: PhantomX WidowX Payload Capacity

    That's right -- I was thinking of the front/back hole patterns, which have the same spacing. The C brackets do not, as you say.
    (When I make my brackets, I try to avoid C / bent metal as much as possible, because I have a much easier time getting precision out of milled parts and drilled holes/screw connections.)

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