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Thread: Create service intel edison

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    Create service intel edison

    Hi. I wanted to ask how I can create a service in intel edison? I need get processes that are currently running every 5 minutes, and if a sketch is not running start it. Is similar a watchdog.

    One idea is to run the 'ps' command and save the result in a txt file. Then read the file and look if the scketch (my main program) is running. If it is not running, it starts. But, I can't khow how can I do it?


    Hi. I wanted to ask how I can create a service in intel edison engaged in consultation processes that are currently running, and if a sketch is not running start it.

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    Re: Create service intel edison

    You might have better luck if you ask up on the Edison forum:

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    Re: Create service intel edison

    If you're running Linux, then there are already parts of Linux that monitor services and re-start them if they crash.
    Original Linux used "init" for that (configured in /etc/inittab)
    More modern Linux uses upstart, or systemd, or other such systems. I don't know what Edison uses.
    Finally, there's a command-line tool called "monit" which does a similar thing, you can try using that.

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    Re: Create service intel edison

    I needed something similar with an Edison project in the past. You can find my solution on github:

    Can't guarantee Intel has changed things with later releases of the Yocto image but this was the last good information I had on the subject.

    Good luck!
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