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Thread: Thoughts on hardware/software platforms

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    Question Thoughts on hardware/software platforms

    Hi guys, I want to understand what’s robot hardware/software is popular/best and why, for my own robotics work. It would be a great help to get some insight/advice on what others use and why!

    a) What was the last robot you built and what did it do?

    b) What was the most challenging part of your last build? (hardware, electronics, software)

    c) Do you use any modular robot parts / kits / controllers / software packages? (e.g ROS, arbotix, dynamixel etc etc)

    d) Are there any annoyances/limitations you have with kits/ modules/
    controllers that would be good to be aware of? (e.g lack of documentation, difficulty, features)

    e) Do you usually stick to the same kits/modules or select it to fit each time?

    f) Have you used ROS in a robot before?

    g) What features of ROS made you project easier?

    h) Which parts of your robot is the most time consuming ?(e.g waiting for 3D parts to print, trying ROS etc).

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    Re: Thoughts on hardware/software platforms

    Copy paste template
    a) ros test platform
    b) ros setup for motor cotnroller and dynmaxies in wheel mode
    c) arbotix controller, dynamixel servos and frames, 4WD drive base, motor controller, MC kinect
    d) cost of torque on servos, setting up ros can be a pain
    e) no - usually different hw
    f) yes
    g) SLAM 3D pesudo, navigation statck, (starting to use TF for arms)
    h) building the hardware for arms. 3D printing new parts

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