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Thread: Connect sensors to OpenCM 485 Expansion Board?

  1. Connect sensors to OpenCM 485 Expansion Board?

    Hi all, I have recently replaced my broken OpenCM9.04 by a new working one. All fine, but I also received an OpenCM 485 Expansion Board as a gift, and... honestly speaking, I have no idea about what to do with it. As the OpenCM9.04 has the pins heads pointing down to get connected to the expansion board, my first instinct was to connect both and use together, but... then I notice that now I have no way to connect the non-Dynamixel devices (Sharp IR sensors and super-cheap 3.7g servos) to the OpenCM9.04... unless I do some ugly soldering to the base of the expansion board or an even uglier connection in between both pin heads, breaking the nice fit they have now:

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    Looks like @vehemens had the same problem in this thread:

    So questions:

    • What is the 485 Expansion Board good for, apart from connecting many Dynamixel servos of different types? The programmable buttons and 4 LEDs are cool, but... if the answer to the next question is no...
    • Can I somehow read my sensors and actuate my 3.7g servos from the TTL 3-pin or RS-485 4-pin ports?
    • If not.... can anyone think on an alternative to the horrendous hacks above-mentioned or re-solder the OpenCM box heads in the standard way and sell the expansion board?

    Thank you a lot!

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    Re: Connect sensors to OpenCM 485 Expansion Board?

    There are four expansion ports on the top of the OpenCM board. They are pin headers with narrower spacing than regular "100 mil" pins, but connectors can be found.
    (I think they call these OLLO pins? Called out as "5 pin port" in the manual.)
    The pins there connect to some of the pins on the side of the OpenCM.

    You can also solder wires (or headers) to the top of the OpenCM, even if it has downwards-facing pins; make the wires connect to the back of the through-hole pins. (This is not super robust, but works well enough for prototyping.)
    You can also get pins/sockets with longer tails, so that you get pins facing both directions. May be too late for your current OpenCM, but a replacement is only $10 away :-)

  3. Re: Connect sensors to OpenCM 485 Expansion Board?

    Exactly, the 5-pins ports is exactly what I was looking for. I gave for granted that they used some exotic protocol specific for interfacing with custom Robotis sensors, but as you said they are just a map to other pins. Moreover, as they map to IO analog ports, I can also use them to control my cheap servos.

    Thank you very much!!!

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