I've been oddly productive the last few days while watching the Yowamushi Pedal series for the second time on Crunchyroll (starting the third time right now). I've finally gotten the IMU and sensor fusion code for Teensy-ShInDy compiling and operating correctly, although it did take a bit of time since I suck. Was only getting two axes from the accelerometer because I sent a '3' instead of '7' to the enable register and lots of little typos / copy-paste errors that caused some issues. Took a while to find my error in the sensor fusion code: I isolated all of the filters from the rest of the code and had to pass everything in a few pointers/arrays but forgot to update the delta_time variable prior to passing it to the filter update function. Also managed to convert everything to ROS-like standards with leading underscore instead of trailing underscore for class global variables. Still do not have the SSD1306 OLED code working correctly, but hoping it is just the lack of external pull-up resistors. Tomorrow is the dynamixel library and more testing of the OLED code, so maybe I will finally get Ripley operating again.

That little bit of progress combined with the looming deadline for the 'tables and desks' contest on instructables seemed to be sufficient motivation to finish DREGS. The tile and silicone surface has been finished, but have to remount it on the frame and fill in some of the gaps between the tiles that did not fill because I used too little silicone. MIRTH and TRAFFIC have been cut down to just a filter and surplus 120mm axial blower mounted in an Instamorph housing and powered off a 12V power supply, but will be revived sometime in the future with proper aluminum extrusion frame instead of the crap wood I would be forced to use right now.