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    On my cable TV program A Look Forward I talked about robotic model building in the future. With robots sometimes able to replicate themselves and some robots being microscopic in size, in the future, some models will be built by robots.

    When I was a child, my great-aunt would buy me a ship model to put together. I used to spend days at the kitchen table gluing the pieces together and painting parts. But those models were made from plastic. In the future, some models will be built from the same materials the full-sized things were built from. Imagine the battleship Missouri built to the exact scale of 1 centimeter equals 3 meters. It would have to be built in a model building container so that no breeze can blow any of the parts, some smaller than a dust particle, away. The construction robots would be able to handle the delicate parts because they would scaled down to match that of the model. Welders that are 7 millimeters high would use microscopic welding equipment. There would be a drydock in the construction chamber scaled down from the full-size ones. With microscopic video cameras, a person could watch his model being built. When it is finished, a robotic crew might be placed aboard it.

    The only variations off of the orginial blueprints would be the internal workings of the engines. Since fuel oil would have molecules too large to inject into the combustion chambers, a special oil that has smaller molecules and larger-than-scale injectors plus more powerful spark plugs would be needed. As long as none of the engines break down, the battleship will be able to sail full-steam ahead. Even the guns ranging from the 16-inch main guns down to the microscopic 45 caliber sidearms the officers wear could fire.

    Since captains often have models in their staterooms, there could even be scaled-down model ships that might be only a millimeter long that will be constructed by construction robots.

    Model planes and cars with working engines could be built and have robots controlled by humans running them. With microscopic cameras and remote servo controls, pilots and drivers could control the vehicles in the air and on race tracks. Some car engineers may make robot-assisted models that are 1/16th scale to see how they will perform. The parts may still have to be in vacuum packs to prevent them from blowing away until they can be used for assembly in the construction chambers. With cameras and robots replacing test drives on the track, if the cars crash, no on will be hurt. Simulation booths or helmets may be used so that the pilots and drivers will feel like they are in real planes and cars. Dogfights between model planes that are able to shoot lasers since microscopic bullets would be affected too much by air currents and wind gusts to be useful could allow pilots to feel the excitement of combat without the dangers. Of course, if a model plane crashes, due to its authentic scale for every component, except for the fuel injectors and spark plugs, it could cost nearly 1/10th as much as the original plane cost if not more. Hard landings could shatter planes because landing at 15 mph at 1/16th scale would be like 240 mph. A mild breeze could blow a plane off of the runway. A hawk could attack and break a P-51 that is slightly larger than the bird unless the "pilot" shoots at the bird with his 50-caliber machine guns and maybe 20 millimeter cannons that would actually be 1.25 millimeter cannons. Then again, the bird would have to be close or else the trajectory of the shots would be off due to their microscopic size.

    With the trend for robots being smaller is better, construction robots and blueprint authentic models built in construction chambers could be the wave of the future for people who want totally authentic replicas. Even architects might opt for construction robots and chambers or entire clean rooms where model buildings can be constructed. Afterwards, microscopic robotic cameras could take prospective clients on tours of the buildings They will seem more real than any computer simulation because they will be made from solid materials, only scaled down in size. For people with a lot of money and patience to wait for the robots to complete construction, construction robots and the blueprint authentic models built in construction chambers will be very desirable.

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    Those are some pretty in-depth ideas Rick! It'd be interesting to see what the future holds for the world of robotics. I still think we're going to have a Skynet (terminator) style takeover

    Either way, this is a more appropriate topic for the "Robotics General Discussion" forum, which I have moved it there.

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    Thank-you. I want as many people to read my material as possible. And then in the future when we have androids giving birth to cyborgs after human DNA synthetic replication and android dolls that can grow up into adults, maybe people will remember that it was Rick Badman who was talking about those advancements years before.

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