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Thread: Where to buy sprockets in Canada

  1. Where to buy sprockets in Canada

    Anyone know where to buy sprockets in Canada that would fit on standard mobility scooter motors? Or an adapter to use bike sprockets?

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    Re: Where to buy sprockets in Canada

    Can't you weld that sort of thing? That's usually what I see people doing on youtube.
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  3. Re: Where to buy sprockets in Canada

    Thanks for the reply! Yup, certainly could weld something up if I want to spend 500 plus on a decent welder. It's in the plans for the future - any recommendations of what to look for in a used welder (or stay away from used?) for putting together frames and gears, etc?

    But not planning to get welding any time soon so back to original question - anyone know of a source for chain sprockets or adapter for standard mobility scooter motor? Maybe I could pull a hub off one of the wheels and take it to a local welding shop to mount something I could put bike sprockets on? Are bike sprockets/chains strong enough for a go kart, call it 300 lbs if an adult on there?

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