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Thread: Capacitor for MX28?

  1. Capacitor for MX28?

    I'm running a linear actuator and 2 mx28s from the same 12v power supply.
    The supply is rated for 10A, which should be fine I think.
    However, when the linear actuator starts or stops, the mx28s sometimes "reboot" (forget what they were doing). They work ok if I send them a new command, but otherwise lose torque.
    Should I put some kind of capacitor inline - if so, what size would you suggest?
    Or maybe some kind of battery arrangement?
    Thanks for any advice.

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    Re: Capacitor for MX28?

    I would suggest a big capacitor (2200 uF ?) across the linear actuator. Perhaps also some clamping diodes.
    Capacitors across the MX-28s is also good. Somwhere between 470 uF and 1000 uF seems reasonable.
    However, this is just rule-of-thumb -- to really know what's going on, you need to hook up an oscilloscope both across the battery, across the linear actuator, and across the MX-28s.

  3. Re: Capacitor for MX28?

    Thanks - I'll give it a go. Sounds like i might need to work out an oscilloscope solution for myself too.

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    Re: Capacitor for MX28?

  5. Re: Capacitor for MX28?

    I tried the capacitors, no difference.
    I swapped out the power supply for a better one, but only rated 2A, and it works fine. It appears to draw 0.7A while the actuator is running. So I'm thinking the power-brick style power supply is simply not up to rapid changes in current, even though it is rated 10A.
    As you say, an oscilloscope might tell a better story.

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