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Thread: Phoenix Code not working

  1. Phoenix Code not working

    I, when try to upload the phoenix code on ARBOTIX-M, I get this error:

    This report would have more information with
    "Show verbose output during compilation"
    enabled in File > Preferences.
    Arduino: 1.0.6 (Windows NT (unknown)), Board: "ArbotiX"
    In file included from PhantomX_V2_Commander_AX12_Stock.ino:40:
    C:\Users\franc\OneDrive\Documenti\Arduino\librarie s\Phoenix_Driver_AX12/Phoenix_Driver_AX12.h: In function 'void MakeSureServosAreOn()':
    C:\Users\franc\OneDrive\Documenti\Arduino\librarie s\Phoenix_Driver_AX12/Phoenix_Driver_AX12.h:730: error: 'g_awGoalAXPos' was not declared in this scope

    How can I solve it?


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    Re: Phoenix Code not working

    I have the same issue

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    Re: Phoenix Code not working

    Note: Trossen mostly does product support through email and they are not up on the forum very often. So if you wish to get their support you should probably email them.

    For the most part I have not use Arduino 1.0.x for a long time and I more or less refuse to install it on my main machines. I have a small machine that I might update at times to try things out.

    I would much rather use the more recent versions of Arduino such as 1.8.3...

    Also it now appears like their instructions is pointing you to my github account to get the most recent stuff. And I also seldom have my PhantomX setup to use an Arbotix-M board but do at times. So what are my Suggestions:

    a) Try installing Arduino 1.8.3. Note: on Windows and other platforms user I often download multiple versions of arduino. With windows I use the zip file version of download and put them in different directories

    b) Install the updated hardware stuff.
    1) There is a beta release of support done by Kyle before he left:
    or 2) From my version that Kyles was originally based on:

    or 3) Look in the thread:

    Now assuming that one of these installs works.

    Get Phoenix code. A long time ago I was actively doing support on a few different Hexapod robots so, my most recent stuff would be in the project they linked you to:

    However these days I am more likely to work on the project which just brings in the parts of the code base associated with the PhantomX,
    so would probably suggest using:

    So I would suggest you try building the Phantom_Pheonix project and see if that works.

    Assuming that works, I typically update my Commander to my slightly modified version of code base:

    The CommanderEx and PhantomX code has been modified to allow a slightly larger range of values from the commander. They are also setup to automatically try to configure the XBees if it looks like they have not been configured... I did this as too many people were having problems.

    Hope that gets you a little farther along.

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