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Thread: Two Position Servo?

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    EricTheGreat Guest

    Two Position Servo?

    I am encountering a problem where an AX-18 servo bought as part of the set. One servo functions fine, but the other more uniquely: it will only go to two different positions, open and shut. I need a full range of motion. For example: when connecting solely to this servo with dynamanager, if the motor is at position 0, it will not move until I give it a position greater than the half way point, at which time the motor will move all the way open. Is this a setting? Has anyone heard of this before?
    Thanks, EricTheGreat

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    Re: Two Position Servo?

    Sounds like the potentiometer is broken, perhaps?

    Try doing the firmware recovery. If it still has this problem, then some piece of hardware is broken, and the servo needs replacement (or at least service.)

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