Onyx did great! I got out-maneuvered by the first place champion, which shows that I was right in fearing the well practices skills of the R-Team folks :-)

There was one sad failure where Onyx just shut down, and my best analysis says they hit my "safety" rocker switch enough to temporarily clear it. Unfortunately, once off, the bot needs a positive action to turn on again ("start button") and thus I was left without power. I slathered the switch in electrical tape for now, and will update this part of the design. I think I'll just go for a planar pushbutton to turn off, and not keep the "safety" rocker. Maybe also hide the off button further inside the bot. (But it's useful to have a quick off option when testing/developing!)

All in all, very happy with how it went. Mid-event, I gave up on good engineering practice, and hot glued a small 170 degree FOV camera-transmitter ("tinywhoop" style) combo, and that turns out to be a great upgrade. I'd use the wide FOV for walking, and the 60 degree FOV security camera that's my main camera for aiming. And this means I used two receivers, too. Turns out, I wasn't alone in this; Jim/Nomad had already had this idea, and had integrated it in the very slick control center he uses.

Speaking of aiming, I taped over the laser after a while, because using optical aiming on the screen was reliable enough, and the laser would give me away when I walk around. ("Oh! A red dot? I bet he's coming down that lane!")