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Thread: Arbotix-M ISP pins

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    Question Arbotix-M ISP pins

    I want to try and recover an Arbotix-M that seemed to go bad (can't upload via FTDI). I want to try restoring the bootloader with an ISP but the one I have has 10 pins instead of 6. I found this schematic ( but I can't tell on the board which pin is pin 1.

    From what I read, I can just jumper from my 10 pin header to the 6 pins on the board, right? Planning to use this as a guideline:

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    Re: Arbotix-M ISP pins

    It is very easy to identify the ground pin with a multimeter, which will give you pin 6 of the simpler 6-pin AVR ISP header.
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    Re: Arbotix-M ISP pins

    Also when I am in doubt, I look at the Schematic and board layout.
    The files are up on github:
    These files require Eagle program to use.

    There is a freeware version of Eagle that you can install to be able to view these files.
    Note, I am not much of an Eagle user (I use diptrace),

    So I forget things like how to see the ground plane and which pins connect to it. But for what it is worth, I believe the
    ground pin is on the outside row, the one nearest to the ground pins of the IO pins. (i.e. near D7

    I am surprised that your ISP only has the 10 pin. Although the one I purchased for Arbotix pro was similar and I purchased an adapter.

    For Arbotix-m I am using the simple Pololu ISP Trossen Sold (sells?) Works like a champ.

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    Re: Arbotix-M ISP pins

    Note that Eagle was recently bought by Autodesk. Autodesk removed the "Maker" edition of Eagle.
    There is still a "free" tier that is very limited (3x4 inches, 2 layers,) and then two subscription tiers, but the cheaper subscription tier ($100/year) only lets you do 4x6 inch boards (not that big a deal for small robots) and only 2 layers (which is a problem.) You'd have to pay $500/year to make 4-layer boards now.

    I've started learning KiCad for reals now, and the latest version (4.0.5) is actually very good!

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