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Thread: Numa V2 - Quad Mech

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    Re: Numa V2 - Quad Mech

    Looking real good. Expecting some real competitive matches at Maker Faire 2019.

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    Re: Numa V2 - Quad Mech

    Numa V2 looks great. I'm excited in seeing it up close and in action.

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    Re: Numa V2 - Quad Mech

    A while ago I was looking at my original Numa thread and wondering why I had so few updates leading up to Robogames. Well now I'm reminded. The list of things to do is never ending (well, I wrote it down and it's only a large sticky note...).

    Since last time... I fixed a lot of things. I now have a walking, turning robot, with controls that are at least as good as what I had with Numa or TwitchMX. I bumped the speed up... a lot. 6 ft in 12-12.5 seconds was my quick test result.

    The real time sinks have been (1) lots of minor code fixes and (2) making BB loading work. Given an extra month I would have done some more major refactoring, and probably just put the BB loading on the turret after all.

    Here's a video from yesterday!

    And testing this morning says my gun system is possibly very functional!
    Click image for larger version. 

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