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Thread: 3D Printer Knowlege and advice for upgrading

  1. 3D Printer Knowlege and advice for upgrading

    Not sure if it is best to start a new conversation or continue here. so...

    I am also thinking about jumping in and getting a 3d printer, so that I can at first print up some of the different parts for the HROS1 and for my PhantomXs. But not sure which one would be a good one to purchase for a first time printer...

    For starters lets say for under 1000. If however it turns out that there is one for $1200 that is so vastly superior than...

    Example a lot of reviews appear to like:

    I am assuming a heated bed, sort of like the idea of being in an enclosure. Assume it supports PLA. Nice if was not totally restricted to vendors materials only, but not a deal breaker. My guess something like 8x8x8 would be great... single extrusion would probably work to learn with...

    I see lots of different lists and reviews like:
    But hard to know which to trust.

    or maybe something like:


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    Re: 3D Printer Knowlege and advice for upgrading

    A heated bed and enclosure is only needed for certain materials. I've printed PLA for years without heated bed and without enclosure, and it works great!
    I recommend the Printrbot Simple Metal:
    It's $500 without the heated bed, $650 with, both come assembled and ready to print once you unpack and set them up!

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    Re: 3D Printer Knowlege and advice for upgrading

    I'm not a 3D printer expert. It all depends what you plan to use it for. But I would definitely recommend a heated platform if you plan to use other materials than PLA. You can easily build your own enclosure/cabin later. If you need stronger and more durable parts ABS is a great material, but you need good ventilation. Then again other materials like PETG is more environmental friendly.

    The latest Prusa i3 MKII printer looks great and Fusion 360 is a great CAD program.
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