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Thread: Mech Warfare Scoring Transponder 2017

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    Mech Warfare Scoring Transponder 2017

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is a new transponder design for this year's RoboGames. You can also choose to use a older transponder from last year's RoboGames as this year's design is mostly put in new voltage regulators and to replace the headers with the Dynamixel connectors.

    After I finish testing the initial couple of transponders, I will place a order for more to be made. Does anyone need a transponder? Current MacroFab is charging $41.73 to make each transponder. Send me a private message if you are interested.

    We will probably have a couple of transponders at RoboGames if anyone needs one.

    If you want to make your own transponders, I've posted the files on github:

    Here are the initial prototypes I've received from MacroFab and some some initial testing.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Mech Warfare Scoring Transponder 2017

    I imagine you're using the same firmware as last year (although my boards probably need a firmware upgrade as they are serveral years old.)

    What causes the delay between impact and blink? I'm surprised it isn't instantaneous, like the green LEDs.

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    Re: Mech Warfare Scoring Transponder 2017

    Please update your the firmware on your transponder if you're planning on reusing it.

    Please load the following arduino sketch (scoring_transponder_2017.ino) onto your transponder:

    The mwscore software (python) code has been updated for the optional rules.

    The delay between the impact and the blink is because the code is written that way, where the pulse created (also green led) first, then the code blinks the led board. The delay is about 200 ms before it blinks the LED board.

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    Re: Mech Warfare Scoring Transponder 2017

    The delay is about 200 ms before it blinks the LED board.
    Can I request that we please remove that delay? As a shooter, it's much more helpful if I get immediate feedback of a hit.

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    Re: Mech Warfare Scoring Transponder 2017

    I see the XBee in the photo. Having read somewhere about the high RF environment at the games, what's the best RF interface to use these days?

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    Re: Mech Warfare Scoring Transponder 2017

    The theory is the 900 MHz version of the XBee. However, a "Pro" version of the 2.4 GHz XBee might also work okay. Note that the "Pro" versions don't fit on some of the default Arbotix hardware (like the controller) because they are too long towards the bottom.

    The scoring system has to use the specific frequency that it's set up for at the game by the firmware. Also, it looks like the DIP switches are in the way of using a Pro Xbee on the scoring transponder.

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    Re: Mech Warfare Scoring Transponder 2017

    Thanks for the update!

    I'm using an older one... and I don't have the Arduino environment set up (lol). Any chance I can get a .hex file I can just dump onto it?

    Edit: This is a silly big ask since it assumes you'd have the chance to build specifically for any slight variations the older board I have has. That's asking too much, perhaps. Sorry!
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    Re: Mech Warfare Scoring Transponder 2017

    I tried building it in Arduino 1.8 using the Uno target, and it doesn't build because <TimerOne.h> is not an existing header file.
    It does exist for Teensy, though, so I imagine it used to be available in earlier versions.

    That being said, downloading Arduino is not exactly a massive chore, as long as you download a compatible version...

    Looking at the code, building for Uno doesn't seem right, anyway, because it uses eight analog pins, and Uno only has six. So what board is it based off of?

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    Re: Mech Warfare Scoring Transponder 2017

    TimerOne installs with Teensyduino:

    It is installed with the other Teensy libraries. So for example on my new machine it is at:

    Not 100% sure, but doubt that the Arduino IDE will find and use these libraries for other "avr" hardware, such as under d:\arduino-1.8.1\Arduino\avr, such as for the UNO

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    Re: Mech Warfare Scoring Transponder 2017

    I'm only using the ARM boards for Teensy, which is how I saw that it was available in that install, but you're right, there are some AVR boards for the Teensy too.
    So, I tried setting the board to Teensy 2.0 (and Teensy 2.0 ++) and build but those boards don't have the PinChangeInt.h header, so that doesn't work, either.
    I think without more detailed build instructions, we don't know how to actually build the transponder code :-(

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