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Thread: turn light on and off from an .exe file.

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    aussie Guest

    Smile turn light on and off from an .exe file.

    I have a Phidgets InterfaceKit 2/2/2, which uses the data 1 lead to operate a relay which in turn, turns on and off an outside light. I got everything to work with the interface kit that came with the kit but now I want to make an executable file "onoff.exe" that i can call with a .bat file to preform this function. How would I go about doing this? I am just starting to learn about computers in school and this has been a great project so far, thanks for your help

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    Re: turn light on and off from an .exe file.

    You have to write the program using a regular programming language, and then build the EXE as an output program.
    You can do this in C# or C++ for example, according to the Phidgets support page:

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