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Thread: WheelChair Motor help

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    WheelChair Motor help

    Hi their Guys and Gals,
    I am new to the Robot building world. I have been playing with RC cars and Quads for years now am want to build a Rover.
    I have been looking just about everywhere I can find on the web, but I can’t for love nor money find a connector to build off for my Wheelchair motors. I want to connect them to pneumatic sack truck wheels. I do not want to use a chain system as this I will be taking the completed project around schools to promote coding, don’t want to break any fingers.

    Can anyone help or provide some links for a connector for the P6001415 Invacare motor


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    Re: WheelChair Motor help

    A picture of the motor doesn't help, unless it includes the output shaft, and also some kind of scale so we can tell how big the shaft is.

    In general, when it comes to adapters and hubs, if the output shaft has a milled flat, you might be able to find something that fits. If the shaft has a spline of some sort ("teeth") then you have to go to the manufacturer to find something that fits, or adapt whatever came with the motor (i e, if there are existing wheels/hubs.)

    If neither of those options work out, then you're going to have to make some of your own, or perhaps order some parts made. If you don't have access to and know how to use a lathe or milling machine, that becomes expensive!

    Now, if your tires have a specific hub size, too, we'd of course also need to know the mounting type of that hub. Bolt pattern? Round hole with pins? Square hole?

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    Re: WheelChair Motor help

    Hi there, this is solved.

    I bought the wheels to go with the motor, removed the hubs and added to new set of wheels.


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    Re: WheelChair Motor help

    Glad you got it working! Factory parts intended to fit are usually the safest bet :-)

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